October 2016: Pleased to run three creative writing and art workshops for Healthy Living Week, including one at the fantastic Healthy Living Day at Wellspring Barton Hill: this workshop had 16 participants. There were a mixture of ages, some families taking part - it was productive and fun.

(Photos credit Artur Tixiliski)

Elspeth runs and has run numerous workshops involving letters to explore health. A few of these are: 


Several workshops for Healthy City Week 2016

1. Letter to my Bones (or other body parts!)

Saturday 15th Oct 2017 at 1.30 at Wellspring, Barton Hill:

Elspeth Penny, with her letter-writing rack, unusual pens, inks and inspiration invites you to write, create or draw a hand-written letter to your own bones (or another body part such as liver, brain, lungs, heart). No one will be correcting your spelling or grammar here, but hopefully you’ll see your health in a new light and remember how enjoyable it is to write a letter. Everyone welcome."

2. A Letter to my Pain & Duet of One, a collaboration with Raquel Meseguer
Friday 21st October 2017 at 5-7pm at Hours Space

10 Colston Yard Bristol BS1 5BD

A free two-part workshop, for those with an invisible disability or long-term pain condition: this is your space. It is the chance for you to invite someone you know (a friend, partner, sibling) to experience a two-part workshop with you.
In A Letter to my Pain, Elspeth, with her letter-writing rack, unusual pens, inks and inspiration will guide you to write, create or draw a letter to your pain, or to your body (placing the person in pain first).
In Duet for one, Raquel will then invite you and your plus ones to slow down, listen closely, and find a truly healthy groove.
n.b. This event aims to raise awareness of invisible disability, and welcomes anyone with a disability.

Writing a letter to your breath
​Elspeth is excited to have been asked by Dr Alice Malpass of Bristol University to work with Alice and Dr Rebecca Oxley of Durham University on a research study about our relationship with the breath. It's part of a larger project called Life of Breath, funded by the Welcome Trust. www.lifeofbreath.org

Elspeth will be running 'Writing a letter to my breath' workshops.

Spring 2016.... lovely feedback from a workshop:

‘Your workshop last Tuesday gave our Breathe Easy members food for thought and a creative outlet not experienced often enough on third Tuesdays in the Acorn Suite. I hope you agree that the varied response, in words and images, is proof of the value of the afternoon to those present, not least the fun of it.
Mary tells me that the procession of the exercises led her to realise she could rise above negativity and begin again to enjoy life.’

Mike Green, chair of the Forest of Dean Breath Easy group.

 Letter to my Grandchild in Nailsea....