Thanks to:

15 Jan 2016

Thanks to all those involved in Blagdon Time Capsule, to the children, Gabriel Gilson for his photos, to Chew Valley Gazette and Mendip Times for publishing articles about it, to Andrew Rhys Jones for enabling the project.

Thanks also to the many medics, academics and enablers that I've talked with about a potential bigger future project, where letters could be written by patients about their own health and illness.

14 May 2015

Big thanks to everyone involved in the exhibition in Blagdon... I've included most of you at the bottom of this blog post...


6th April 2015

Scent is still emerging as an entity, and discovering and changing.

The Penny Brohn workshop was the first workshop in a health setting I have done: thanks to Sophie Bayley and Clare Greatorex at Penny Brohn for welcoming me, and the participants who were a joy to work with, your great feedback was so welcome.  I love the 'Aha moment', when people remember and realise what letters meant to them. Often starting a few days before the event as they search for letters. Thanks for all your letters, and to Mandy Knight for leaving a copy of Helene Hanff's 84 Charing Cross Road, in spotty wrapping paper on my doorstep (See Book list). In fact I've received quite a few fantastic gifts in the shape of letters and books. Thank you all.

Thanks to all the Scouting, Guides, Brownies etc leaders who have held Letter to The Future Workshops and big thanks especially to all the children and their amazing letters which are to go on show soon.

Thanks also to Dr Malcolm Rigler, Arts and Health South West and Beckie at Theatre Orchard for the encouragement and enthusiasm behind my ideas to take Scent one step further as an arts/health project. I didn't see a potential academic research project coming, but it's suddenly taking shape as something that might.

10th June 2014

Scent is young but vibrant. I want to thank all the people who have attended Scent events so far and the event organisers where I have been introducing and exploring Scent as it emerges. Thank you to all contributors, without whose letters and stories, Scent wouldn't exist.

Thank you to artist Louise Watkins for the initial inspiration to push the ideas into action, before finding funding.... good plan!; Iris Penny (Mum), for your advice, photography and continual availableness; Diana Penny for your skills to make the Penny Black and Elspeth Penny Black and for your perpetual positivity and availability; my old buddy Daniel Collins for your wise consultation, Aniella Shaw for your beautiful photographs; Jane Edgar, Fi Macbeth, Sally Daniels and Eve Stebbing for listening; Bede for finding the Penny Black image; Diana Penny for her skills to make the Penny Black an Elspeth Penny Black; to Radio Bristol and Radio Somerset for having me on their shows; to Pippa Marriot for inviting me to speak at Ted and all the Tedx team for their awesome hard work; Simon Ripley for giving me the opportunity to explore leading a group of creative writers through letter writing in The Buller Project; Lindsey Shaw for being brilliant, often; Bob Walton for workshop collaborations and insights; all the friends and family who have written to me over the years, leaving me with memory boxes full of wonderful letters, Stuart Bardsley of Discovering Blackdown project and Ruth Worsley for her workshops and tips about how to find interesting local inks.